How exactly do Monsters and Myths come to need homes? 

Our creatures come to us in a variety of ways. Some like the young yeti and the Kitsune are victims of environmental destruction and changing climate. Others Like the Hagglings and Grunkin riders leave their homes and people to live among humans and learn what can be learned. Mini monsters and the bioluminescent Puff's Pixies, Insect monsters, and Tropical monsters, have made their way into our world on accident often being found making pests of themselves in greenhouses and plant nurseries.  And there are those who find themselves overtaken by the pet industry like Mantis pixies, Acorn pixies, and the wide variety of wonderful invertebrates. However they end up with us, by rescue, by  the kindness of humans, or by our dedicated staff of cryptozoologists it's our job to find them a safe home with compatible humans.