Giant Jumping Spider


Normally found in remote wooded areas, early explorers found them frightening due to their large size. The fear was unfounded, however, as most Giant Jumpers have puppy-like personalities. They love to play, snuggle, and spend time with their adopted families. Giant Jumpers are the perfect pet for active and quick witted people. Not unlike their natural world counterpart, the jumping spider, they are curious, bright creatures who love to interact with the humans in their surroundings.


Like all monsters, Giant Jumpers are proficient nighttime hunters. In fact they need to hunt to maintain a healthy state of mind. No need to worry about other house hold pets however, as they only eat insects. By bringing home a Jumper you are reducing the number of household pests and creating a cleaner environment.

Giant Jumpers hate water! If they should become soiled in their nocturnal hunting endeavors spot clean with a damp rag…never get them wet; while not an aggressive creature they can administer a painful bite if agitated.


Never cage, chain, or restrict your Jumper’s freedom in any way or form. As active hunters, it could lead to nutritional deficiencies. They are bright and nimble-minded, caging them will lead to poor temperament, aggression, and possible bites.  Due to their intelligent nature they live for social interactions and the chance to observe the humans they know…and those they don’t. Consider keeping them in areas of your home or work place where they can do a bit of people-watching.