[Middle English unicorne, from Old French, from Late Latin ūnicornis, from Latin, having one horn : ūnus, one; see oi-no- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots + cornū, horn


Unicorns, creatures of myth and legend...or are they?

Unbeknownst to most, unicorn exist in nearly every habitat known to man. From the cold arctic to the cruelly hot desert regions. The most well known of them all are those dwelling in temperate regions particularly in europe. 

Desert dwelling unicorns are nocturnal, slender, and rarely seen. Those dwelling in more temperate climates stick to forested areas and fields. A favorite among explorers and cryptozoologists the northern dwelling unicorns, friendly, stocky bodied, and heavily furred to defend against the colder climate. While many of the northern unicorns cousins are indeed rare, the northern unicorn is quite common and easy to find when one knows where to look.