Shoulder Pals

Magnetic Pins designed to perch on the shoulder


So many to choose from,

or request your own custom shoulder pal.  Songbirds, super heroes, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, whales, bats, Dr Who, black cats, owls, if I can make it you can get it! 


How do they stay on?

with super strong rare earth magnets! Of course this means they are not suitable for very young children as the magnets pose serious choking/pinch hazards, or those with pacemakers, they are strong enough to disrupt the normal operation of the pacemaker if placed too near one. 


Hand Sewn

I never use sewing machines, or patterns for that matter. This means each one is one of a kind and unique, there is some variation from shoulder pal to shoulder pal.

Hand Painted

All the details are painted on by hand using acrylic paint. 

Fun to wear

These critters are for adults and kids alike! A fun way to work some magic into your everyday wardrobe.